We are a river

ReNOKA is an inclusive and holistic movement to protecting and conserving the natural resources of Lesotho and the Orange-Senqu River Basin as a whole.

The Movement

ReNOKA is an Integrated Catchment Management movement, which calls on all who live in the Orange-Senqu River Basin to take action to protect our natural resources.

ReNOKA is a multisectoral and multidisciplinary custodial network of critical agents dedicated to the restoration of water, land, and the long-term prosperity of all communities in Lesotho and the wider Orange-Senqu River Basin.

Derived from Sesotho, re noka translates to ‘we are a river’. We are all interconnected. We are a vital and fluid element of a greater cycle.

Our Objectives: Theory of change for ReNOKA

  • 01
    Developing and applying an effective and efficient, gender-sensitive and climate-resilient policy framework for Integrated Catchment Management.
  • 02
    Establishing effective and efficient institutions for Integrated Catchment Management, with equitable representation of women and youth.
  • 03
    Facilitating capacity, skills and knowledge of public, private sector and civil society for sustainable Integrated Catchment Management.
  • 04
    Implementing Integrated Catchment Management measures.
  • 05
    Strengthening capacity for coordination, monitoring, supervision and general programme management.

Key Statistics

4 500 tonnes
of Lesotho's fertile topsoil are lost every hour
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95% of all water demand
in the Orange-Senqu River Basin is from South Africa
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Lesotho provides more than 40%
of the Orange-Senqu River Basin's annual flow, from a land base of only 3%
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Key terms and definitions

ReNOKA’s focus for 2021, and beyond

As we build and develop the ReNOKA movement, our initial attention will be directed towards formulating and implementing a policy framework; scientific exploration and research; educating our various stakeholders about our current situation and empowering them with skills and knowledge to take action as custodians of this movement; as well as communicating our message in innovative ways.

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We are a river. By working and acting together, we will succeed in restoring land and water in Lesotho and the Greater Orange-Senqu River Basin.
ReNOKA has a series of stakeholder engagement opportunities planned for the coming months. Join us at one of these events to learn more about ReNOKA’s activities within the Orange-Senqu River Basin, and what role you can play. Or, complete one of our surveys to ensure your voice is heard.

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